Eradicate Fascism

Highland and Valley forging ahead together
(Eradicate Fascism)


Today’s scene of the Kanni Township mass strike in which we are fighting from the forefront with our prowess and wisdom in the Spring People’s Revolution.

The great feature of our Spring People’s Revolution is that it is a multi-layered, multi-ethnic people, all nations, people from all regions are joining forces and fighting against the common enemy of terrorist regime. This proves and invokes that our revolution will succeed.

The political ideology perpetrated by this coup d’état is considered “Right-wing Extremism”. In other words, the actions of this terrorist group, way of act, way of speak, way of doing, are no different from extremist right-wing fascism and alike the Nazis, which ruthless, cruel and despicable. This is not surprising too, Historically, it is well known that the origins of this militant group, which originated during World War II, were closely linked to Fascism. In addition, in our country, It is prominent that the traditional right-wing ideology of our society is politically strong.

Therefore, in order for our people’s revolution to succeed, we need to overthrow the common enemy terrorist regime and fight against “Fascism”, which is the political position of these terrorists.

Today March 27 is designated as “Tatmadaw Day” by the junta. In fact, it was the day that the revolutionary forces led by General Aung San openly declared their revolt against Fascist Japan. That is why today was originally called “Fascist Revolution Day”.

In fact, during World War II, some of Burma’s political forces, especially the highland tribes, in particular, had always resisted the Fascist Japanese and revolted from the very beginning. The highland tribes allied with English and American allies, they fought fiercely against the Fascists. Christ 1945 March 27 By the time our leaders on the mainland openly declared their opposition to the Fascists, some highland regions had even been conquered by the Fascists.

These facts are based on real history and It is a hard truth. But the era of consecutive dictators of our country have kept these true histories and left one nation, one people which they often refer to a region in a subtle way. Dictators distorted our history and use it as they see fit. they also misuse the lovely customs of “Patriotism” “Race” and “Religion” to perpetuate their power. These are also signs of “Fascism”.

By now, because of the Spring People’s Revolution, all of our people have gained the right political awakening and awareness. Which is true? Which is bogus? made known to all of us. We, the people, have a clear distinction between ‘lawfulness’ and ‘unlawfulness’. In addition, between the highland and the valley, we can now build mutual trust and understanding despite different races. This is the tremendous result of the Spring Revolution and a great advantage.

That is why we, the people of the highland and valley are forging ahead together to repel against the Fascist army, Fascism in Burma and would like to urge all to eradicate them from World. We, the people, absolutely never apathy and we will continue to fight for the Fascist revolution with all our might.

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27 March 2022

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  1. We, the people, absolutely never apathy and we will continue to fight for the Fascist revolution with all our might.

  2. မနေ့က မကလစ် လိုက်ရလို့ ဒီနေ့မှ လာကလစ်တာ

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