About Us

Hello, We would like to introduce a little about our Click For Ayeyarwady (Fundraising Organization).

Our “CLICK For AYEYARWADY” organization is one of the fundraising teams in which everyone can wholeheartedly take part in military dictatorship individually like those ones on the ground teams by creating clicker communities as our digital strikes.

For revolutionary comrades, it is an all-inclusive fundraising team in which all people themselves want to provide somehow through technology as digital strikes.

We have formed the C4A Team to play a leading fundraising role in the Ayeyarwady revolution which is in dire need, with a desire to be reborn together with people at the forefront of the revolution.

The deployment of Ayeyarwady is different from other regions. In Pathein, the city of Ayeyarwady Region , there is locating the Southwest Military Headquarters of the Terrorist Army. Although the layout of the camp is a bit tight , the Revolutionary forces of Ayeyarwady are fighting against the SAC’s military targets, business targets, administrative targets etc whenever they have chances to take actions not even caring about their lives.

For our mission players (UG / PDF / Pa.Ka.Pha / STF) , we would like to provide a bridge between revolutionary forces and people who want to participate in the revolution at home but do not know how to participate in which.

Our CLICK For AYEYARWADY Team will send all received benefits from our clickers at home to the Mission Players, and all “Receipts and Donations” will be officially announced daily on the Page and channel , along with listings and certificates of honor via the public transparent purpose.

Our Click For Ayeyarwady Team is an organization that acts as a bridge between the people and the ground Mission Players in AYEYARWADY Region.