Self-Confidence: How to build self confidence

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Self-confidence is the level of belief in your ability or skills to perform a given role or function. Disappointments, abuse, neglect, or physical or mental illness can diminish self-esteem, which in turn can affect your confidence in certain situations. Social anxiety erodes your sense of capability as well.

Fortunately, you can make simple choices to build your self-confidence. Just as there are many ways to strengthen your body, there are ways you can increase your resolve by setting small goals, making healthier choices, nurturing your spirit, and finding support. Taking these steps will give you the power to:

  • Get to know and accept yourself.
  • Break free of self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior patterns.
  • Expand your knowledge, skills, and experiences.
  • Become physically, mentally, and spiritually healthier.
  • Deepen interpersonal relationships.

Spend Time with Yourself

Understanding who you are and why you think the way you do is essential through self-reflection. Make time to evaluate your core values, strengths, and weaknesses, and record your findings. So that you can tackle the challenges that are threatening your confidence one step at a time, break down the obstacles.

Adopt or Maintain a Spiritual Practice

A healthy spiritual self—your sense of “purpose, innerness, interconnection, and transcendence”—is positively correlated with self-esteem and life satisfaction. Yoga, meditation, prayer, and chanting are some of the rituals that can help you relax, gain a clearer perspective on your life, and establish a connection with your higher self. In addition, practicing consistency through daily spiritual practice can boost your self-confidence.

Use Positive Self-Talk

Psychologists say that self-talk plays a key role in our actions, emotional reactions, and goal progression. Much of our self-talk—positive and negative—happens without our really thinking about it.

Use Affirming Statements

When automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) come to mind, counter them with affirming statements such as:8

  • “I will learn” instead of “I’ll never understand”
  • “I will try” instead of “It’s too hard for me”
  • “I know how to do it better next time” instead of “I’m such a failure”?


Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle

A 2017 study suggests that physical activity and healthy eating help improve self-esteem and self-efficacy. Wholesome foods and exercise flood your body with nutrients and endorphins (chemicals that manage pain and relieve stress) that can elevate your mood. These lifestyle behaviors help make you more physically and mentally fit to tackle life’s tasks.

What Is Self-Efficacy?

Self-efficacy refers to a person’s confidence in their ability to control their own beliefs, behavior, and social environment.

Cut Out Self-Comparison

Comparing yourself to others, particularly on social media, can diminish your self-esteem and self-confidence, fostering anxiety and depression. It’s okay to acknowledge that you aren’t perfect, but keep in mind that nobody else is either.

Set Small Goals

Accomplishing goals increases your self-efficacy. Start by setting attainable but challenging goals and give yourself an appropriate reward for reaching your goal. Examples include:

  • Goal: I will exercise for 15 minutes. Reward: Making a new workout playlist for the next time you exercise.
  • Goal: I will get up early tomorrow. Reward: Trying out a new coffee spot.
  • Goal: Making a new, healthy recipe. Reward: Enjoying what you made with a friend.

Seek Uplifting Relationships

The late persuasive orator Jim Rohn said that we are the normal of our five nearest associates. Establish relationships with people who will motivate and inspire you to strengthen your weaknesses. Establish boundaries with those who harm you.

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