Once upon a time: There was a commander in a country

Once upon a time…
There was a commander in a country…

This commander proudly announced that there is no one who can beat him in playing chess in a whole country.

At that time, he had to go for war because of political situations.

In the half way before he reached to the area he have to go war, there is a guy who is very clever in chess games. This guy is also the best chess player around his area.

When the commander heard about this news, he summoned the guy to play chess with him.

The commander won the game. So, he continued his way to go war with his soldiers proudly.

When he arrived to the war area, he could defeat the enemies easily.

The guy who lose the chess game from the half way invited the commander who returned with vicotory to play chess with him again.

The commander accepted his invitation and they played the chess. And the commander lose that game. He did not satisfy and played three more times. And the commander lose the games consecutively.

At that time, the commander said there is no one who can beat me in playing chess in a whole world and ask the guy “Did you give up the game for me when i went to war?”

The commander, you are the person the people from our country depending on. You went to war for our country. If the commander who is nonpareil in chess games lose the game to no name people like me from rural area and something happened in your mind, nothing good will happen for our country. That’s the reason why i gave up the game for you.

Like this story, because now is the revolution period, help each other. In this fight, even if you don’t fight with being armed, please don’t use the words which will weaken our armed comrades. I don’t want to say much…

Burmese Author : SaLarrPhan
Translated by : Kim

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  2. Do not be discouraged.
    Do not break up the group.
    Do not compromise your health.

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