Revolutionary Thingyan

Before, I remember our youths were being active and taking responsibilties respectively to ask for donations around the neighbourhood to build mandats, to arrange for throwing water and costume for Thingyan dance and offering Thingyan food when the time comes near to Thingyan Festival.

But now, because of Min Aung Hlaing’s madness of power, some of our youths fell in revoluting against the dictators, some lives are ruined. And please don’t forget there are also many youths who are staying in jungle poorly and revolting with any weapons they have.

It’s been over one year since the coup d’etat. Passed through all the twelve months with festivals and events. It’s about time to stop.

Let’s rebel with unity in this festival, our people from Ayeyarwady.

If you feel like having fun when you hear Thingyan songs, listen to revolution songs and be strong-minded please.

If you see padauk flowers, keep in mind it’s just seasonal flower and forget it’s Thingyan flower.

Thingyan water was used to throw to clean the dirt from old year. But even the water to clean dirt is not clean anymore.

That’s why, let’s rebel by not celebrating Thingyan which will be throwed with dirty water of wicked, power-mad Min Aung Hlaing.

**We must win the uprising”

Burmese Author : SaLarrPhan

Translated by : Kim

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  1. ပိတောက်မယ်တို့ သင်္ကြန်မလည်သလို
    စကားဝါပျိုလည်း သင်္ကြန်မကြိုဘူးရှင့်။

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