Revolution Thingyan

Revolution Thingyan

I have respect for the children who didn’t throw water. Salute to the new generations. But I lose face when i see some people having fun and dancing in front of mandap one of the people from Ayeyarwady.

I exclaimed just “aww” when I heard Hotels from Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung beaches are filled with visitors and there was even heavy traffic on Yangon-Pathein Road.

I want to ask ” Don’t you guys feel ashamed of yourselves? Don’t you have compassion? “

The comrades taking part in revolution are your offspring. Even though they are not your own children, they are the children of our people.

They have to attend military trainings in jungle while facing many difficulties. Although they don’t have enough weapons, they have been battling against the enemies only with the strong spirit.

Although they never did even their own dishes in their home, they are guarding with a gun without failing their duty time. Don’t you have compassion for them.

Just imagine standing up with a gun for a whole day and don’t need to fight. Some comrades gave their lives and some gave their body parts.

They are also human. They also have feelings and know how to have fun. How will they feel because of your actions? Do you know they are feeling home sick whenever you post about having fun at the beaches.

The houses and savings throughout their life of the people from Sagaing are being torched. Those situations are not relevant with you? Respect to the revolution heroes who shouted “Doh Ayay” one and half times. Even if you don’t help, please be compassionate.

If we got democracy, not only us but also you will get it too. May you have a clear conscience… I’m ashamed to say I’m from Ayeyarwady Region.

Please don’t be exhausted, revolution comrades and people who are strengthening their minds with revolution spirit. The journey marching with determination for success are coming near to the victory.

Burmese Author : Mg R Gyi
Translated by : Kim

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  1. အိမ်ပြန်ချင်တယ် ဟူး းနွေးထွေးဆုံးအမေ့အိမ်

  2. မလွယ်တာတွေ့ရင် ပိုခက်တဲ့ တခြားဘဝတွေကို ငဲ့ကြည့်ပါဦး says:


  3. နောက်နှစ်မှာ အောင်ပွဲနဲ့အတူနွှဲကြတာပေါ့

  4. lattsaung တို့ C2D တို့လို မိနစ် ၃၀ ကြေညာ ထည့်လို့ရတဲ့ link လေးတွေလုပ်ပါလား အကြံပေးတာပါ

  5. အရိုးကိုက်တဲ့အထဲ ‌ောမတဲ့အထဲမပါတာ ကိုယ့်ကို ကိုယ် အတော်ကျေ နပ်မိတယ်

  6. ရပ်ကွက်တခု လူ ၂၀ မလာမနေရတဲ့

  7. မပျော်တဲ့ သင်္ကြန် တော်လှန်သင်္ကြန်

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